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  • Business Game St.Gallen 2016 – Recap

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    The third edition of the Business Game St.Gallen took place from the 31st of March – 2nd of April. More than ever before, this year’s event attracted students from all across Europe: 25 nationalities and 26 universities were represented. The students had to apply in teams of two and during the event, were asked to solve real-life cases from the partner companies BDO, Nespresso, Swarovski, Zurich Insurance and BMW. On the last day, they presented their solutions to a jury consisting of company representatives and university professors. The best teams from each challenge were rewarded with prizes like holiday vouchers, jewelry or Nespresso machines.
    The event ended with the famous Eloquence Final: the three teams with the highest score got 30 minutes to solve a startup case. The teams presented their solutions in front of the plenum and afterwards, the competing teams had 1.5 minutes each to challenge their opponents solution. In the end, the jury decided that Henrik Johnsdorf (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) and Kai Aschick (University of St. Gallen) were the big winners of the event.
    The Business Game St.Gallen was once again a huge success! If you want to learn more, visit our homepage or follow us on Facebook.


  • How to succeed at the Business Game St.Gallen

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    Most students have already experienced the situation having to solve a business case – most commonly in university classes or for examinations. What about solving business cases voluntarily and competing simultaneously against students from all across Europe? This is exactly what the Business Game St.Gallen offers. But there’s way more to it than just solving cases.
    A series of former participants of the Business Game St.Gallen were very glad to share their their experiences and their thoughts.

    „It was one of my aims to participate at a case competition“
    Markus Erismann, a marketing Master student of the University of St.Gallen, has always wanted to participate at a case competition. The Business Game St.Gallen totally met his expectations and he looks back to some extremely valuable experiences.

    „Don’t stress the results too much. It’s all about acting as you are and taking home everything you learnt at the event“
    This is the recommendation of Claude Koster, a Master student at the University of Zurich. The event is much more than just a case competition: you meet students from all across Europe, you can network with company representatives and, last but not least, can have a lot of fun.

    “It helped me get my message across, communicate with others, present my thoughts, draft slides and make it nice and polished.”
    Alice was the winner of the Business Game St.Gallen 2015. To her it was a great place to get out of her comfort zone and learn about herself. Therefore, she says, you really find out who you are and how you act, and then can just reflect on it and think about how to make it better next time.

    Watch the entire testimonials on Youtube!

    Not registered yet? Seize the last opportunity and register, pair up and take the selection test by no later then the 28th of February under!

  • The Business Game St. Gallen is back on the road!

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    The Business Game St.Gallen is happy to announce that the new organizing team has already started with the preparation for the next edition of the Business Game taking place from March 31th to April 2nd 2016. The team is already working full speed to provide exciting cases during the upcoming event and to make it an unforgettable experience.
    Besides work, the new Organizing Team spent last weekend in the beautiful Appenzell in order to get to know each other even better. The members enjoyed a great time on top of the Kronberg with good food and a lot of fun.
    Stay tuned about the ongoing organizing process on our Website or on Facebook.