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  1. Leading from Behind? – US Foreign Policy in Times of Trouble

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    Leading from Behind? – US Foreign Policy in Times of Trouble

    In the first week of semester, Mr. Walter R. Mead is visiting St. Gallen to provide some exclusive insights and give his personal opinion on the current status of US Foreign Policy. Leading from Behind? Which major troubles is it facing? Will the US be able to influence and lead global matters anymore? What does the presidential election mean for US foreign policy?

    Mr. Mead has an extensive background on US foreign policy and in his position of Distinguished Scholar in American Strategy and Statesmanship at the Hudson Institute, James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College, honors graduate of Groton and Yale, board member of Fredom House as well as Editor-at-Large of The American Interest can be considered an expert on the field.

    The SPF and IPW are inviting you to come along, place your personal questions and take this opportunity to get some real insights on where US Foreign Policy will be heading!

    Registration is not required, a “first come – first served” principle will be applied! (Beware of a limited number of seats)