And the new mensa is …

The Mensa-committee has decided – Migros won the tender for the official catering service at the University of St. Gallen. However, the new conditions may be interesting for some students.

© Migros

Today it was announced that the Migros will continue to operate the cafeterias of the University of St. Gallen and thus fill the bellies of many HSG students. As the new contract was drafted, some cutting new conditions came up for discussion. As of next year, the two cafés, the pasta bar and the main cafeteria will reorganise its food output to insure a more customer-friendly experience. Furthermore, the prices, which in some opinions were considered fairly high, are either going to go down or offer better quality food for the same price. This price reduction is the result of a new billing model within the Migros Group. A few new ideas are being discussed: it is planned to establish a campus shop, a takeaway bar and some redesigned vending machines. On top of these new terms «Migros Catering Services» is meaning to change its name to something more HSG-appropriate. Who knows, maybe soon our cafeteria will be called «Max’s tavern» or «Chez Thomas». It is yet open how these and possible other small changes are going to be carried out but it is certain, that we are still going to have enough food around campus. Yannik Breitenstein, president of the students union, says, that «it has been the cost-benefit ratio that led to the victory of Migros – they were the only ones that presented us a pallet of cheaper prices. Overall they provided us with a well thought-out product and vision for the upcoming years».

As mentioned above, this reorganisation is going to take place by the beginning of next year (for those who are confused: in summer 2019). Nevertheless, one thing is for sure – there is going to be coffee and there will be enough for everyone. That’s essential.

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