From Fintech in China to a foresight of a «New World in Order»

The Asia Days 2019 are coming! Next week’s Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to Asia’s most influential countries, their fascinating culture and its economic and political ever-growing importance. Gain first-hand knowledge from international experts during our business workshops as well as in the Trade War panel discussion. Finally, ask your most urgent questions directly to the Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland.

The rise of China is one of the most impressive economic growth ever seen: When China entered the global market in1978, 90% of the population was struggling to survive on less than two dollars a day. Today, the president promises that within the next three years no citizen should live below the poverty line. However, this fast development also raises many questions: What is the world order going to look like in a few decades? Which role will Europe take? Among the super powers, who will be the winner, who the loser?

In view of these «China Questions», it is our honor to welcome the Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland GengWenbing to hold a speech and a Q&A round – we are looking forward to gaining a very exclusive insight in China’s view of the current and future situation.

What is Xi Jinping’s plan?

As a preparation for this event, the Asia Days business workshops are the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge about China. What is Xi Jinping’s plan? We will try to find answers by looking back in history: In Josef Mondel’s workshop «China’s 2049 Vision for ‘A New World in Order’», we learn about the ancient Tiān Xià model in order to understand the country’s long-term strategy today. An insight in which Mr. Trump would also be interested: The tensions between China and the US are on a vertiginous up and down as we will experience in the panel discussion about the current Trade War, with distinguished panelists Simon Evenett, Oliver Adler and Markus Braun.

If you aspire to work in global trade, despite the uncertainconditions, you should not miss Wenger & Vieli’s workshop on international arbitration – a useful tool which is becoming increasingly more important in the Asian market.

Working in a foreign country can certainly be a challenge:«Mind the Culture» is BaXian’s central statement. Jan Siegmund and Roman Pfeiler will lead you through an interesting case study to prepare young professionals for the sometimes subtle, but important cultural differences to take care of when entering the Asian market. In the field of intercultural communication, we have invited Professor Daria Berg as a renowned expert. During her workshop weinvestigate, explore and practice intercultural communication competence – one of the most important skills in the business world of Asia.

From arbitration to aviation: Sign up today!

When learning so much about Asia, one might just want to hop on a plane and experience the foreign culture on the spot. With Marcel Hungerbühler, we have invited the aviationexpert of the Greenfield Bangalore International Airport. Hehas profound experience in handling the various facets of the aviation industry. As an expert on India, we are also looking forward to learning more about the Indian culture.

Everyone who has ever been to one of the multiple sleeplesscities in China knows about the fast-paced environment.Innovation is omnipotent: While China-based ventures attract record-sums of venture capital, Chinese tech companies top many global rankings in patent applications. Hence, there is a lot to learn from China’s innovation leaders. In his session, Prof. Dr. Michael Hilb will discuss several winning approaches to Chinese entrepreneurship and derives lessons learned for entrepreneurs, investors, corporate managers and policy makers alike.
An inspiring example of an innovative leader is Sally Yan herself. We are happy to learn more about her Fintech company referring to big data and artificial intelligence for Europe-China precision business match-making and equity investment.

To see when and where all the workshops and panel discussions take place, visit our website and sign up today!

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